Renman Live w/ RUSH Guitarist Alex Lifeson - Wed. April 22nd @ 5pm PST


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    Renman’s Top 5 Tips for Agents

    Apr 6 by CodyRomnes

    Here at Renman, we want to make it easy to learn the Music Industry, you just have to put in the work! Each week, we'll be highlighting our Top 5 Tips from all corners of the Music Industry. From each of the topics on Renman U: Music Publishing, Record Labels, & Touring; To......more

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    Conversation with Coachella Founder Paul Tollett

    Feb 22 by Renman

    We talk alot here at RMB about Dreaming and the Doing. There's no better example of that than my friend Paul Tollett who had a dream to create the greatest music festival around. And then he did it. Its called the COACHELLA MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL and he is the visionary behind it. I had the opportunity to talk with him about it......more

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    breaking the band

    Dalton Sim, Manager of Fun., talks Putting Together a Touring Plan

    Jan 26 by Renman

    As a Manager, a lot of responsibility falls on you to help get your band out there.  If you want your band to break, that band needs as much as exposure as possible.  A lot of that exposure comes from touring.  Putting together a proper touring plan for your band is key.  But how do you strategize the tour for your band?  What are the right......more

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    “Touring, Touring, Touring…” with Renman!

    Dec 11 by Renman

    For "Touring, touring, touring..." Week, Renman explains the four factors that must be addressed by a band if they hope to achieve success when they take their show on the road. Having toured all over the United States and the world with Incubus, the Renman has seen every trick in the book along with unprecedented surprises. Make sure you......more

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    REN101 - Tour Managers

    Aug 9 by Renman

    Every touring band needs to have someone to help with all the details while they are on the road. Essentially Tour Managers are the eyes and ears for the band's manager when the tour starts. This week, Renman talks about the importance of having a good Tour Manager. CHECK OUT OUR FREE RENMAN U COURSE DEMO If you are serious about a......more

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    pat magnarella

    Pat Magnarella, Manager of Green Day, talks Charting out Green Day Tours & Handling Adversity

    Dec 26 by Renman

    Pat Magnarella, who represents Green Day, All-American Rejects, and Goo Goo Dolls, talks about how he charts out tours for Green Day and how huge a factor scheduling is when putting together a tour. Having been with these artists for years and helping them to reach such heights of success, Pat could probably handle these matters with his......more