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    REN101 - Record Producers

    Jul 12 by Renman

    Want to know what a record producer does?  Incubus manager Steve Rennie breaks down the Record Producer's job in the music industry on this week's REN101 segment running on Maker Music. CHECK OUT RENMAN U COURSE PREVIEW If you are serious about a career in the music biz check out our new online course "Renman U Insider's Guide to......more

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    alex da kid

    Alex Da Kid Talks Mentors, Influences, and Studying Success

    Jul 2 by admin

    From Imagine Dragons to Eminem and Rihanna, Alex Da Kid works with and produces the biggest artists of today's music business. Currently, Alex  is flying high thanks to his production on the smash single RadioActive by Imagine Dragons.  In addition to producing, Alex recently started his own record label Kid In A Korner in partnership with......more

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    Renman’s Top 5 Tips for Making Great Music

    Mar 3 by admin

    This week's Renman U episode is all about Making Great Music. Here are the Top 5 Tips for Indie artists looking to make great music from some of the most talented music makers around.

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    brendan o'brien

    Brendan O’Brien Talks About the Job of a Producer

    Sep 17 by Renman

    Even Brendan O'Brien, big time record producer, looked at records back in the day and wondered what it was that a producer did? It's one of the mystery jobs of the industry but after a successful career and years of experience in the trade the Magic Man, Brendan O'Brien, is here to tell you all about it. CHECK OUT RENMAN U COURSE PREVIEW ......more

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    Getting Started With Alex Da Kid

    Aug 14 by admin

    Producer Alex Da Kid talks about how he got started as a producer, from his first software experience to his days spent in an educational facility, Alex touches base on his beginnings through internships up to the point of producing beats for some of the hottest artists of today, from Rihanna to Imagine Dragons! CHECK OUT RENMAN U COURSE......more

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    REN101 - Sound Engineers

    Aug 1 by Renman

    If you want to play a great show then you better sound good. In this week's REN 101, Renman talks about sound engineers, the guys who represent your sound to the audience. If you love to mix sound and make it feel great then this is the job for you. CHECK OUT RENMAN U COURSE PREVIEW If you are serious about a career in the music biz......more